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One entry per performer, please :)
Hi! We're so glad you'll be part of the recitals this season. First off, what is the performing student's first name? *

And their last name? *

Thanks! And which type of recital are you signing {{answer_65892949}} up for? *

Awesome! Now, what song is {{answer_65892949}} planning to perform for the Digital Recital?

And what song will {{answer_65892949}} be performing for the Live Recital?

About how many friends/family do you plan on coming to the Live Recital?

We appreciate any contributions to our refreshment table during Intermission at our Live Recital.

Do you plan on bringing any drinks/snacks to the Live Recital?

Thank you! :) What are you planning to bring?

Can Teach 2 Teach use videos and images of your performance to spread the word and help others find us? *

By checking the box below, I give Teach 2 Teach permission to charge the $12 video fee for the Digital Recital to my account *

Just as a reminder:
-- The cost for the Live Recital is normally $5 per attendee, paid at the door (including performing students).
-- If you are a VIP student, you perform for free and get 2 free tickets.
-- If you are a VIP Pro student, you perform for free and get 5 free tickets.

You're all set! We're looking forward to seeing your amazing performance.

If you need to register additional students, click "again" below.
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